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Beverly K.

Raising money for Tri Kappa Spring Flower Sale 2020

$13190.00 needed for campaign goal

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Beverly's Market

Small 4.5 red geranium $4.00

4.5" Red Geranium

The Zonal Geranium is very hardy in our Indiana weather.

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Small screen shot 2019 01 21 at 1.16.00 pm $4.00

4.5" White Geranium

These beautiful white Geraniums are the perfect flower to welcome spring.

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Small calliope geranium violet $4.00

4.5" Violet Geranium

Beautiful and vibrant flower that looks great in a planter, basket or your own landscaping project. They also call me Hot Pink.

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Small 4.5 pink geranium $4.00

4.5" Pink Geranium

This color would look great in a planter for a summer wedding.

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Small 4.5 salmon geranium $4.00

4.5" Salmon Geranium

This Zonal Geranium is ready to go home!

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Small small cherry lantana $4.00

4.5" Cherry (NEW)

I look really good in a planter. Just need some sunshine and water.

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Small 4.5 sunrise lantana $4.00

4.5" Sunrise Lantana

This burst of color is sure to brighten up your garden. Give it some sunshine and I'm good to go up into the fall.

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Small 4.5 flame lantana $4.00

4.5" Flame Lantana

I am a mix of bright, vibrant colors that remind you of a sunset on the beach. Sunshine & Water

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