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$25 Good Neighbor Basket ***Limited Edition***

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$25 Good Neighbor Basket ***Limited Edition***

by FarmRaiser Good Neighbor Fundraising

$25.00 Suggested Selling Price

A virtual product that sends $12.00 in cash to the cause and a cash equivalent of approximately 40 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries. NO distribution day or volunteers are needed for a community basket fundraiser. This is a 3x impact gift that supports the cause holding the fundraiser, growers/distributers with fresh produce, and families experiencing food insecurity. You can choose your own food bank/community resource or we can select the best one for you.

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In this time of uncertainty, we want to offer fundraising options that allow you to raise money for your organization safely and help your local community. All of these products will allow you to do that. We're happy to help you get set up with any local restaurant you would like to use in your fundraiser.

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