25-Stem Bouquet of Premium, Ecologically-Grown Roses - 12 Month Subscription

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25-Stem Bouquet of Premium, Ecologically-Grown Roses - 12 Month Subscription

by It's By U

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Give a year-long gift of gigantic premium rose bouquets! It's By U's rose farmers - with their land located in the volcano regions of Ecuador - harvest the best of what's blooming now in their fields and send them directly to the US. Because these roses are grown with certified strict organic standards, and shipped right from the farms, they last longer, have bigger than normal heads, and showcase more vibrant colors. Your 12-month subscription purchase helps farmers plan long-term planting cycles, and that fosters environmental sustainability, provides fair wages, and aids in securing on-site child care for the rose farm workers. Bouquets are one-color, farmer's choice, and are delivered the first Friday of each month to your location. Each delivery includes illustrated pro flower arranging and care instructions, and details about the farms your flowers came from!

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It’s By U is THE do-it-yourself flower and plant arranging company! We ship you a kit with everything you need to become your own florist – the farm-fresh flowers and plants, tools, containers, and a streaming video lesson. We source only from fair-trade, eco-friendly farms and we aim to help eliminate waste from the floral industry. Our partner flower farms have also created dual-income households in Latin America and have helped to take whole towns out of poverty.

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