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3. Julbernardia Blossom Honey *Organic* 1.76 oz Glass Jar

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3. Julbernardia Blossom Honey *Organic* 1.76 oz Glass Jar

by African Bronze Honey Company

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• An incredible gift for the honey aficionado. Chances are they will have never tried this one before! • Harvested in the dry season, this honey is made from the nectar of the Julbernardia Paniculata tree. The flowers are beautiful and plentiful and are the only blooms in the forest in the dry season. • Spicy, floral, caramel, anise and citrus are a few of the tasting notes. • It is also raw, unpasteurized and harvested by traditional Zambian beekeepers using bark hives from wild forest bees. • The beekeepers are trained in numeracy and literacy and trained to sustainably nurture the wild bees in order to protect the forest. • Go ahead and treat yourself! This is Africa at it's rarest. • From the pristine wilderness at the headwaters of the mighty Zambezi River. • Raw, Unpasteurized, Gravity Filtered. • Pesticide Free, GMO Free and Organic. • Sustainable, Socially Responsible, Empowering. SIZE: Net Wt 1.76 oz (50 g) glass jar / 12 glass jars per case. SUGGESTED SELLING PRICE: $4.00 per 1.76 oz glass jar. TO USE: • Delicious in coffee or tea. • Cook with our honey. It will help you take any recipe and ‘kick it up a notch’! Tell your guests that every bite is helping train a beekeeper in Africa. Bon Appetit! • Bake with it, this honey makes bread and cakes taste better and stay fresh longer. • Hot lemon and honey is great to ease a cold… add some rum and you may forget you have a cold. INGREDIENTS: • Pure Zambian Certified Organic honey. MORE GREAT INFO: • Infants under one year of age should not be fed unpasteurized honey. • All natural honey will crystallize. To liquefy, heat in warm water to 45ºC / 115º F. • Our bottle cap and label are 100% recyclable. Please recycle! A product of Zambia. Bottled in Canada.

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About African Bronze Honey Company

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We are a certified B Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Our mission is to help empower rural Africans to protect their environment and generate a sustainable income by making their healthy, organic, unpasteurized honey available for all to enjoy.

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