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8. Beehive Candle - 5 hour burn time

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8. Beehive Candle - 5 hour burn time

by African Bronze Honey Company

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• These little hives are hand poured in Canada from a blend of organic African and natural Canadian wax. • These burn for 5 hours each and fill your house with a beautiful honey scent! • Light a candle for sustainability and empowerment on any table! • Beeswax burns clean with no residue, in fact it helps clean the air. • Did you know that a bloom or haze on the candle wax tells you that it is pure beeswax? TO USE: • Burn with care. • Never leave a burning candle unattended. • Always use a plate or candle holder for safety and to minimize wax drippings. SIZE: • Beehive shaped candle fits in a tea-light or votive holder. • 5 hr burn time. Case of 12 Beeswax Candles. INGREDIENTS: • 100% Beeswax. MORE GREAT INFO: • A white-ish bloom or haze on the candle wax indicates that it is pure beeswax. • Hand poured in Canada.

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About African Bronze Honey Company

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We are a certified B Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Our mission is to help empower rural Africans to protect their environment and generate a sustainable income by making their healthy, organic, unpasteurized honey available for all to enjoy.

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