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8oz Round Pure Raw Honey Comb

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8oz Round Pure Raw Honey Comb

by Dancing Bee Apiary

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Have you ever dreamed of honey fresh out of the hive never touched by humans?!!! Well, it's your lucky day!!! This listing is for 8 ounces of comb honey that has been put directly into the container by the bees themselves!!! We place the empty container inside the hive on special frames built to accommodate the containers where the bees build the comb, fill with honey, and cap it when its ready to go! All we do is pull them out of the frames, slap a lid on them, label them and ship them to you!!! Tis truly a special treat! The wax can be chewed and swallowed or spit out, your preference! We are very limited on these babies as it requires a lot more energy for the bees to produce so once we are out, we are out for the season! Our organically raised dancing honey bees are free to roam our acres of wildflowers, fruit trees, seasonal veggie plants, and various types of berries all without the risk of running into nasty pesticides, chemicals or other unnatural weirdness, leaving you with wonderful pollen filled enzyme rich raw honey! The color of honey varies from season to season and hive to hive so the honey received in your order may be lighter or darker than the honey pictured :0)

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About Dancing Bee Apiary

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Dancing Bee Apiary is located in Eatonville, Washington, just about an hour out of the city of Seattle. Their bee’s graze on a wide variety of flowering and fruit producing trees including raspberry and blackberry bushes, lavender blossoms and squash blossoms! They use all natural and organic methods, never using insecticides, pesticides or herbicides of any kind! They offer a variety of organic skin care products including soaps and salves, as well as pure beeswax and, of course, honey!

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