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Beeswax - 6 Inch Tube 4 Pack

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Beeswax - 6 Inch Tube 4 Pack

by Honey Candles Ltd.

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Burn Time: 5-6 Hours An elegantly packaged set of 4 Honey Candles® 100% pure beeswax 6 inch tubes. Makes for a wonderful gift! These versatile 6 inch tubes can be used just about anywhere. Ideal for all candelabras and specialty candle holders, Honey Candles® 6 Inch Tube is both economical and luxurious, producing a soft, warm glow and a natural, soothing scent you're sure to enjoy. Try it at home, your next relaxing dinner or any romantic occasion.

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About Honey Candles Ltd.

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Honey Candles has been around since 1994. Every candle we make is hand poured or hand dipped. Quality comes before all else. It would be easy to look at the market and say that maybe our standards are too high, that maybe we could cut some corners. But instead we have moved forward making our labels ever more sophisticated and our candles always beautiful. Roy and Leah Honkanen are the owners at Honey Candles and that’s the way they like it.

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