Catnabis MeowyJ’s | King

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Catnabis MeowyJ’s | King

by Meowijuana LLC

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A purrfect one-time nip session for your furry friend. These King Catnibas™ J’s are stuffed full of our organic catnip and rolled in King sized RAW© papers. Simply toss a ‘J’ to your cat and watch em’ roll around in delight! Not for human consumption (we know you were thinking it)…

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About Meowijuana LLC

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Introducing Meowijuana, a catnip company with a creatively fun brand of a popular pet product for cats & cat lovers with catnip so good, it should be illegal. Our passion at Meowijuana is to stimulate health activity for cats and for our products to establish a closer relationship between cats and cat lovers.

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