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Dress It Up Dressing - Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Dress It Up Dressing - Apple Cider Vinaigrette

by Dress It Up Dressing

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Apple Cider is strong and vibrant enough to stand up to almost any salad you choose. It is made with a good dose of apple cider vinegar, making it fruity and bold. Great for roasting, marinating or a stir-fry. Pairs well with Brussels sprouts and winter squash.

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About Dress It Up Dressing

When we started making Dress It Up Dressing, we did so with the belief that salad dressing ought to be as healthy and natural as the vegetables it dressed. We wondered what it would taste like if you removed everything except for the purest ingredients. (Answer: delicious!) When establishing the company, we did so with a similar philosophy in mind. It was equally important to create a product that is beneficial to our bodies, and a company that benefits our employees, our community, and the planet. At Dress It Up Dressing, we measure our success by more than just dollars. We are proud to be a Women-Owned Small Business and Certified B Corporation.

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