Mini Mixed Box

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Mini Mixed Box

by Perfectly Imperfect Produce

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Every year 40% of food grown in the US is wasted, some only because it doesn't look perfect. While there may be a scratch or discoloration on the outside, "imperfect" produce is perfectly fresh, healthy and delicious on the inside. So our company is doing more to reduce food waste while helping to increase access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. Our mini boxes include approximately 10 to 12 fruits and vegetables. Each week they include different items depending on what we have in our inventory that meets the criteria for being "imperfect." Visit www.perfectlyimperfectproduce.com for more details.

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About Perfectly Imperfect Produce

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Our mission is to reduce food waste while improving affordable, healthy food access. We "rescue" produce that might be a bit blemished on the outside, but is perfectly fresh and delicious on the inside. Visit our website to learn more about us. From apples to zucchinis we have all the fruits and vegetables you need for a beautiful, healthy FarmRaiser campaign.

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