Showy Milkweed (Ascelpias speciosa) Seed Balls (20-pack)

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Showy Milkweed (Ascelpias speciosa) Seed Balls (20-pack)

by Seed-Balls.com

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Attract Monarch Butterflies to your backyard using Showy Milkweed Seed Balls. This striking perennial produces large clusters of pink and white flowers on deep green stems that reach 5-feet tall. A striking backdrop for smaller wildflowers. Showy Milkweed is a critical host plant for the Monarch butterfly. Seed Balls are an ancient farming technique used to protect seeds against foraging and harsh environmental conditions. Our seed balls are ½-inch balls of nutrient rich soil and seeds. Non-GMO. Pesticide free. Use them to bring biodiversity to your backyard! DETAILED INFORMATION • A perennial • Native to Central and Western US • full sun and well-draining • Moderate Water Requirement • Sow Fall, 12-24 inches apart • Zone 3-9

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Grow a green, biodiverse planet for pollinators with Seed-Balls.com! Our seed balls simplify gardening for your backyard and your dinner table. We specialize in native wildflowers to help restore native habitats and support pollinators. All products are non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide free. We partner with educators, conservationists, and community organizations across the country who direct quality, hands-on science programming.

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