Smoked Wild Pink Salmon Portion - Northwest Blend

Details smoked wild keta salmon portion   northwest blend

Smoked Wild Pink Salmon Portion - Northwest Blend

by Loki Fish

$10.10 Suggested Selling Price

A light, delicate smoked salmon with a mild flavor. This is the staple of our smoked salmon line, and is a combination of great value and delicious taste. Available in regular or pepper-garlic. Harvested in Southeast Alaska. Smoked in Monroe, WA. Smoked pink portions average 5 ounces each. They ship and store frozen, and are vacuum sealed for up to a year of frozen shelf life. Under refrigeration, they should be consumed within two months, or one week once the package is opened.

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About Loki Fish

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Loki Fish Company is a family owned and operated business founded in 1979, specializing in wild caught fish that is internationally certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. The family is personally involved in every step from harvest to processing to direct sales, ensuring the highest level of quality.

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