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Tarragon, Dill & Fennel Seed Herb Rub

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Tarragon, Dill & Fennel Seed Herb Rub

by BarrieBeau Herb Farm

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Tried-and-true herb and spice combinations that add dimension and taste excitement to everything culinary. Great with vegetables, pastas, rice, grains, bread, egg dishes and proteins.

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About BarrieBeau Herb Farm

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At BarrieBeau Herb Farm, herbs, flowers and heirloom vegetables are organically grown and preserved in each my products for you to enjoy. BarrieBeau Herb ​Farm was established on the belief that herbs and flowers deserve special attention in our lives to enhance, soothe and nourish our souls and bring harmony into our homes.​ Food products include culinary herb rubs, herbal infused jellies and a variety of herbal teas.

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