Winter Petite Centerpiece

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Winter Petite Centerpiece

by Flowers for Fundraising

$22.45 Suggested Selling Price

Containing 18 stems of premium seasonal flowers and greens, our Winter Petite Seasonal Fundraising Centerpiece is a professionally designed, beautiful centerpiece that is perfect for holiday gift giving. Everyone needs flowers this time of year to decorate their homes and holiday tables. The Winter Petite Centerpiece is a great gift that looks wonderful and lasts a very long time - and it's just the right size and price for all those small gifts we need to have on hand for teachers, coaches, co-workers, staff, friends, hostess gifts, and Secret Santa's this time of year. Make shopping easy AND make money for your organization by selling these unique and much appreciated holiday centerpieces. Our Winter Seasonal Petite Centerpieces are sold in boxes containing 18 centerpieces. Your cost is $10.00 per bouquet - including shipping! We have a suggested selling price of $18 per centerpiece - netting you a profit of $8.00 (45%) on each bouquet sold! However, you may choose whatever price you wish to re-sell these bouquets to meet your own fundraising needs - you can determine your own profit margin! Winter Seasonal Petite Fundraising Centerpieces Must Be Ordered At Least 7 Days Before You Wish Them To Be Delivered! Last day to order Winter Seasonal Petite Centerpieces for Winter/Holiday fundraisers is Friday, December 14, 2018. Free Shipping is included in the price, with a 100% guarantee of quality.

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